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The Oklahoma Municipal League provides library and reference services to its members.  OML does not give legal advice or act as a legal advisor.  Please discuss all legal matters with and follow the advice of your city or town attorney

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The Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) represents Oklahoma cities and towns working together for their mutual benefit. The OML acts as a central clearinghouse for information and services for its member municipalities.  


Oklahoma Municipal Utility Providers

Municipalities must speak clearly on legislative and public policy water issues.  The Oklahoma Municipal Utility Providers (OMUP) was created as a legislative action group.  OMUP will educate and update municipalities on the status of ongoing water issues, including funding, new regulations, NOV’s and consent orders and more. 

As a legislative action group, Oklahoma Municipal Utility Providers will:

·         Review proposed legislation and advise OML on water issues
·         Represent municipal water interests to the legislature with a clear united voice
·         Explain to legislators that the Rural Water Association does not represent municipal water interests
·         Initiate discussions between municipal authorities and rural water districts that … clarify territorial rights and contract agreements … promote fairness to both parties and … promote economic growth to rural Oklahoma.

OMUP is committed to provide a clear voice focused on municipal water issues at the legislature.  OMUP will educate municipalities about their rights and responsibilities resulting from litigation between rural water districts and cities and towns.

30-40% of municipalities are now under DEQ consent orders with new EPA regulations on the way. With $5.4 billion in infrastructure needed over the next 20 years, towns and cities need to work together for REAP grants, CDBG, the Revolving Loan Fund and Rural Development Programs. Becoming a member of OMUP will help your municipality find the resources it needs to keep your municipal water supply funded and up-to-date with the new regulations. 

OMUP Drip Grip e-mails keep members up-to-date on water issues, regulations and other events around Oklahoma.

OMUP also provides training for water/wastewater operators and personnel. DEQ Operator Renewal credits are available at the annual OMUP/OML Water Summit and other training workshop held throughout the year. 

Water is big business in Oklahoma. Please join OMUP now to help keep your municipality afloat.

DRIP GRIPS - frequent short e-mail updates on regulations information, OMUP newsletters, training opportunities and statewide water related issues for municipalities. Goes to all OMUP members to e-mail addresses that they designate (can be several per city).

Case Studies - these one-page fact sheets spotlight how municipalities deal with water problems (and solutions) or document rural water problems with municipalities. They are available for municipalities, the public, and the legislature.

Clarity of Training Issues - many municipalities have paid annually to join the Oklahoma Rural Water Association thinking that they needed to be members to get the free training offered by ORWA. OMUP has clarified that the FREE training is provided by legislative appropriation, to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, to ORWA, to municipalities and to rural water districts. 

Voice at Legislature - after years of the ORWA telling the legislature that they represent municipalities under 10,000, there is a new voice for municipalities and water issues at the legislature. ORWA claims to represent municipalities but inevitability supports legislation favoring rural water districts over municipalities and files amicus briefs for the rural water district against municipalities.

Water Issues at OML Conference - OMUP provides a session on current water issues at the OML Annual Conference. This year it will be the statewide water plan, red flag finance issues, and engineering technical assistance. Technical and legal expertise is growing.

Greater Municipal Presence with OWRB and DEQ - OMUP allows municipalities to have a greater presence and response with OWRB and DEQ. OMUP has tracked and responded to issues like tribal designation of air quality rights and culturally significant waters. OMUP is developing a list of qualified candidates for boards. 

Training Opportunities – Don’t miss out on the training opportunities posted on the OML calendar – from OMUP, Rose State, and OWPCA.

Annual OMUP/OML Water/Environment Issues Summit – Jointly sponsored by OMUP and OML, this yearly event prepares municipal officials on what they need to know today to prepare for tomorrow.