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Norman Sister City Program Q&A

Christy Christoffersen

Who is Norman’s sister city?

Norman has four Sister Cities:

-       Clermont-Ferrand, France (relationship started in 1987 and agreement signed in 1994)

-       Colima, Mexico (relationship started in 1995 and agreement signed in 1997)

-       Seika, Japan (relationship started in 1996 and agreement signed in 2005)

-       Arezzo, Italy (agreement signed in 2011)

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West Siloam Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Christy Christoffersen

The town of West Siloam Springs is celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer.

Founded on July 10, 1969, this town of approximately 900, is in Delaware County, in scenic northeast Oklahoma.

West Siloam Springs was founded as a result of near-by Siloam Springs population spilling across the Arkansas-Oklahoma state line, creating a need for a new Oklahoma town. 

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Mayor Elaine Carr regarding the town and it’s 50-year history.

Q. Mayor, as you reflect on the 50th anniversary of your town, what do you think have been some of its most significant accomplishments?

A. I think working with the Cherokee Nation on a water tower for the town, improving our emergency management and fire services, and the expansion of our city park.

Q. As a 25-year resident of the town, what are a few of your favorite memories?

A. I had the opportunity to meet Vice-President Mike Pence on a municipal trip to Washington, D.C. last year.  Also working closely with Congressman Mark Wayne Mullins, Senator Wayne Shaw, and State Representative David Hardin on critical issues affecting our town. Working with the Cherokee Nation and Entertainment division over the last 22 years has been great as they have heavily invested in our town.  Focusing on economic development by recruiting and helping businesses locate to West Siloam Springs has been wonderful and has helped create that needed sales tax base.

Q. West Siloam Springs is in such a beautiful area of our state.  What attractions and activities do you have that other Oklahoman’s need to know about and travel to?

A. One of our main attractions is the Natural Falls State Park, which is located on US Hwy 412.  The park features a 77-foot waterfall, hiking, fishing, disc golf and outdoor volleyball.  In addition, the park allows camping in Yurts, which are on-site, tents, and RV’s.  Another great attraction is the Cherokee Hotel and Casino.  The 140-room hotel features on-site dining, table games and much more.

Natural Falls State Park website:

Cherokee Hotel and Casino website:

Natural Falls State Park was recently a featured segment on
an episode of Discover Oklahoma




Community Spotlight: Carlton Landing

Christy Christoffersen

Situated on approximately 1,700 acres overlooking one of Lake Eufaula’s most picturesque areas, including sandy beaches, rolling hills, scenic cliffs, natural wooded habitats, and some of the lake’s finest water quality is Oklahoma’s newest town, Carlton Landing.

The town is conveniently located 20 miles south of Interstate 40 along Hwy 69, 131 miles east of Oklahoma City, 88 miles south of Tulsa, and 198 miles north of Dallas.

How it began

Founders Grant and Jen Humphreys were inspired to develop Carlton Landing, after one day in 2007 when Grant was riding through the Lake Eufaula area with his Dad, Kirk Humphreys.  The elder Humphreys was considering purchasing about 1,700 acres of waterfront property when Grant said to him, “What if we develop a Seaside (Fl) like community here on the lake?” That’s when the vision for Carlton Landing was first born.

Grant’s inspiration for the development was a result of past family vacations that he, his wife Jen and their family had spent in the Seaside, Fl area.  He envisioned this area as the perfect location for the type of community his family had enjoyed, but, was much closer and convenient to their Oklahoma City home.

Wasting little time, the Humphreys created a master plan for what would be named, Carlton Landing, after his grandfather, Jack Carlton Humphreys.

One of the first steps they took was to hire a world-class design team, led by Andres Duany, the renowned urban planner responsible for both Seaside and Rosemary Beach, Fl.

In 2008 and 2009, a group of top urban planners, architects, engineers, and designers joined together to begin the adventure of creating a master plan unlike anything else experienced in the region.

Their mission?  To create a place developed on the principles of charm, authenticity, character, and connectivity, in other words, the New Urbanism Movement, which promotes the creation and restoration of diverse, walkable, compact, vibrant towns that focus on the people and the concept of traditional community. 

In 2012, the Humphreys family became the first residents of the new community.

The Town

In 2013, the residents of Carlton Landing voted to become Oklahoma’s newest town, under the Statutory Town form of government.  This form allows for a Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Trustees, and Clerk-Treasurer.  It also allows for the hiring of a Town Administrator.

Currently, there are approximately 200 single and multi-family homes constructed in the community. Each features the design elements of the Traditional American Farmhouse, including the Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and the Rural Gothic styles.

Another unique featured architectural style is the solid brick or structural masonry design.  The exteriors of these homes are constructed with 3-brick thick walls, which creates a sustainable, thermal mass for efficient heating and cooling.

Master builder and old-world mason, Clay Clapman, has built 15 of the solid brick homes in the community.  His innovative building style is to integrate the solid brick homes with new modern industry standards.  Clapman refers to his building style as the ‘best of the old and best of the new.”

A Vacation Getaway

An alternative to traditional single-family home ownership at Carlton Landing is participation in The Residence Club, which is a collection of upscale second homes that features the closest location to the lakefront and are offered at the lowest price point of any property in the community.

The Residence Club is an equity residence club providing owners with shared ownership of beautiful fully furnished homes. Members of The Residence Club have both Boat Club and Lake House privileges.

Only seven Club owners receive deeded interests in each residence, allowing for frequent and flexible lodging privileges throughout the year.

Vacation Rentals

Several homes in the community are made available by their owners for vacation rentals throughout the year. The available homes vary in size and are listed on the community’s website. 

Carlton Landing Academy

To further the town’s mission the Carlton Landing Academy opened during the summer of 2016 as the first public charter school outside of Tulsa and Oklahoma counties.  The Academy offers a fresh, innovative educational model that incorporates best practices from other charter schools from across the country.  According to school officials, that model is based on a foundation of reading, writing and math proficiency, but it also includes nature-centric and project-based curriculum where students can connect with nature throughout the community.

The school is currently open to students in pre-K through eighth grade.

Community Amenities

With an emphasis on family and the outdoors, it is no wonder that Carlton Landing places a high priority on community amenities.  The location of the community lends itself perfectly to the many scenic lake overlooks, neighborhood parks, pools, Bocce Ball Park, Nature Center, trails, and open spaces for great family fun. 

The community also hosts several special events throughout the year, such as Pop-Up Shops & Farmers Market, Yoga on the Town Green, Movies Under the Stars, crafts, Saturday Storytime, Brews & BBQ Festival, painting classes, Celebrate the 4th!, and much, much more.

Boat Club

Carlton Landing offers its residents a private, members-only boat club.  This service takes away the costs and hassle of boat ownership by offering members access to a fleet of luxury watercraft. There are 4 levels of membership, so each family can determine which will fit their needs.

The Future

Sometimes, the future of something is dependent on how it was started, what are its roots, how strong is the foundation, and how has it been maintained. If the future of Carlton Landing is dependent on its beginnings, then it’s future is bright.

With a clear vision, strategic planning, strong leadership and creativity, Carlton Landing has laid the necessary groundwork for a community that is destined to succeed and even exceed its original mission. 

Today, what we see throughout the community is but a small vision of what the future will be.  With a goal of 3,000 homes, shops, restaurants, a K-12 academy, a destination wedding chapel, and more gardens, parks and public spaces, Carlton Landing will lead its residents and visitors far into the future with a community that is aesthetically beautiful, sustainable, and responsible.

The Humphreys’ direction to designer Andres was simple, yet complete: Create a place that will enchant people, foster a strong sense of community, and will encourage a healthy lifestyle. Carlton Landing’s walkable master plan designed according to the tenets of New Urbanism was his enlightened response.

To learn more about Carlton Landing, please visit their website:





City of Ardmore – Enjoying the Benefits of a Revitalized Main ST

Christy Christoffersen

From its humble beginnings of a ‘plowed ditch’ for a Main Street to now, 132 years later, the City of Ardmore is enjoying a revitalization of its downtown Main Street area. 

From Washington Street on the west to D Street on the east, Main Street is undergoing significant changes that includes a total revitalization of the streetscape, ‘back-in’ parking, and creation of a center median, all adorned with beautiful trees and flowers along the sidewalks and streets.

For decades, Ardmore has had the traditional style of downtown - 2 lanes of traffic, pull-in parking, shops, offices, and a few restaurants.  But now, the $4 million Main Street revitalization project is changing everything: the look, the feel and best of all, the economy!

According to City Manager, JD Spohn, the revitalization project was the brainchild of long-time Ardmore resident, former Mayor and current City Council member, Martin Dyer.  During his 40-plus years as a public servant, including being named as a Mayor of the Year by the Oklahoma Municipal League, Dyer has been instrumental in conceiving ideas to help the City of Ardmore stay relevant as the business, cultural, and tourism destination in Carter County.

Today, a drive down Main Street shows great progress and improvement, all the while maintaining the original charm of 1887. 

Spohn said that the purpose of the revitalization project was to bring new life and vitality to the once-thriving area.  The result has been almost immediate as not only are existing Ardmore businesses are relocating to downtown, but new businesses are developing, as well.  To assist with the refurbishing of the old buildings, the City of Ardmore offers grants that many of the business and building owners are taking advantage of to update their store facades. 

In addition to the first floors revitalization of the buildings, second-floor redevelopment is occurring in the form of lofts.  Spohn noted that the entire composition of the Main Street area is changing due to this project.  “It is very exciting to have all the new interest and development in our downtown area.  It has exceeded anything that we might have imagined.  This original vision of Mr. Dyer and the buy-in from our citizens and business owners has been amazing,” Spohn said.

What does the future hold for downtown Ardmore? More redevelopment.  Spohn said that the City has already begun Phase II of the project, that will extend east to D Street and encompass the newly branded Depot District.  “Interest is already occurring for new business development in this area, as people are purchasing many of the original brick buildings.  These buildings will be saved as much as possible, with new buildings being built to meet the demands of this new growth area,” Spohn said.

Spohn was quick to add that all the revitalization of Main Street and the downtown area has been a great boon to the local economy, but as importantly is the boon to the town’s quality of life for their residents. 

To learn more about the City of Ardmore, please visit their website: