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Certificate of Compliance Q&A

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) Certificate of Compliance program (CoC) Q&A

  • Who needs to get a Certificate of Compliance from their municipal government?

    • All marijuana-licensed premises, medical marijuana businesses or any other premises where marijuana or its by-products are licensed to be cultivated, grown, processed, stored or manufacturedHow does the process work?

  • The applicant will provide the form to City Hall for completion

    • The form will be completed and returned to the applicant who will then submit the form to the OMMA. (THE CITY DOES NOT SEND THE FORM TO OMMA)

  • What topics does the Certificate of Compliance cover?

    • Zoning classifications

    • Applicable municipal ordinances

    • All applicable safety, electrical, fire, plumbing, waste, construction and building specification codes

  •  What if our municipality has only a few or none of these types of codes?

    • Your municipality will complete the form to show compliance (or lack of compliance) with the codes you DO HAVE or indicate that you have no codes whatsoever

    • For those codes the municipality DOES NOT HAVE, you will simply check the box that states you have no applicable codes of this type

    • Even if the municipality has no applicable codes, they must still complete the form and return it to the applicant

  •  What if this marijuana business is in the early stages of the process? Example: The business has the parcel of land they want to build a building on but has not yet done so.

    • Your municipality should complete the Certificate of Compliance form and indicate in the comments that the applicant is complying with certain categories that can be inspected at this time but note that ADDITIONAL INSPECTIONS/COMPLIANCE will be required

    • This will help both the applicant be aware of the process, and the OMMA understand that compliance is based on a preliminary analysis and additional steps will be required

      • If the applicant does not follow up on additional steps that are required, the next renewal will be unable to be granted by OMMA when the municipality marks the Certificate as lacking compliance

Additional information is available on the OMMA website, and can be accessed HERE