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Alcohol Modernization Overview

Important Information for Municipalities Regarding the New Alcohol Modernization Laws

Even though the new alcohol modernization laws become effective in less than three (3) months, on October 1, numerous pending applications cannot be processed by the ABLE commission until municipalities issue the applicants the Certificate of Compliance.

If applicants do not receive their licenses on time, they risk not being able to operate their businesses, which will result in a direct loss of municipal tax revenues.

To assist, OML has provided essential tools below that will give you, our municipalities, the information needed to ensure businesses comply with local regulations before the ABLE commission can grant a license.

If you have additional questions and would like to talk with an OML staff person, please call 405-528-7515.



Alcohol Modernization Overview Memo

OML Press Release: OML Alerts Municipalities of Danger of Retail Stores Losing Ability to Sell Alcohol


Certificate of Compliance Application Forms

Certificate of Compliance Response Letters

Alcohol Licenses, Fees, and Surcharges  - We have received a number of requests to assist municipalities find the current statutory licenses available for the alcohol industry. The following is a link to the licenses, as well as the cost imposed by the state for each item.

Click HERE to view the list