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GRIP: Action Alert! SB 1465

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GRIP: Action Alert! SB 1465

Christy Christoffersen


The following Senate Bill is being heard tomorrow at 10:30 am.

SB 1465 by Sen. James Leewright and Rep. Tim Downing. This bill prohibits any political subdivision from restricting, taxing, prohibiting or issuing any ordinance regulating the use, disposition or sale of auxiliary containers. Auxiliary container means any bag, cup, package, container, bottle or other packaging that is made of cloth, paper, plastic, including foamed or expanded plastic, cardboard, corrugated material, aluminum, glass, post-consumer recycled material or similar material including, but not limited to, coated or laminated materials. 

Please contact your members of the House General Government Oversight and Accountability Committee by clicking here and ask them to vote NO on this bill.  

Send copies of any correspondence you have with your legislators to  or fax to 405-528-7560, attn: Missy for our records. If you need additional information, please call Missy at 405-209-4328 (cell) or at the OML offices at 405-528-7515.