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Full-time Police Officer - Grove

Christy Christoffersen

* Listing Title:
Full-time Police Officer

* Listing Description
Job Title:Police Officer
Pay Grade:Patrolman Probationary – Non-Certified to Step 10
Salary Range:$30,088 - $45,672 (DOQ)
Reports to:Patrol Sergeant
Date Updated:June 2019

Preserves the public peace and order; protects persons and property; enforces Federal and State Laws and City Ordinances; prevents crime; detects and apprehends Law violators; promotes public safety and cooperation with Law Enforcement Officers; performs emergency missions and otherwise serve and protects society.

•Patrols on foot or with motor vehicle one or more areas of the City to prevent and detect Law violations
•Constantly observes by sight or hearing, persons, objects and events in his vicinity. Looks for the unusual and things or persons which might require Police attention, such as stolen cars, missing persons and fugitives, etc.
•Inspects liquor selling establishments, places of entertainment, motor vehicles, traffic sign and other objects and establishments to maintain standards required by Law
•Investigates complaints, accidents, suspicious persons, suspicious vehicles and other situations involving a possibility of Law violation or need for Police aid. Questions persons who might give useful information, such as suspects, and persons involved in accidents. Carefully examines the scene, persons and objects while using modern crime detection methods
•Intervenes and stops hold-ups, fights and other crimes in progress
•Insure all incidents are reported in a clear, neat, orderly and complete fashion in accordance with departmental policy
•Arrest, with or without warrant all persons suspected of Law violations
•Guards public officials, prisoners, citizens in danger and various sorts of property
•Issues violation notices to citizens who have broken law or ordinances
•Serves warrants, summons, subpoenas, notices and other processes
•Searches for and protects evidence needed for prosecution of Law violations. Safeguards fingerprints and takes photographs and measurements
•Communicates information about accidents, escaping criminals and other Police problems to other Police Officers or citizens in order to summon aid or notify other persons to take proper action
•Takes command at scenes of crimes, accidents, public disturbances and other emergency situations. Courteously, but firmly, directs citizens to assist as necessary
•Summons necessary aid in emergency and non-emergency situations
•Writes reports describing significant details of activities and of information coming to his attention. Reports include entries in a personal notebook, case reports, offense reports and various other reports required daily, monthly or at other periods. Reports serve as an accurate basis for action by other Officers and make possible factual and clear testimony in Court at times long after the event is reported
•Prepares information and evidence of Law violations for presentation to the Prosecutor and to the Court. Secures warrants and other necessary processes. Arranges for appearance of witnesses and outlines significant facts, evidence and testimony for the Prosecutor
•Testifies in Court. Presents accurate information from memory, personal notes and other records, frequently long after the event on which testimony is given
•Searches for missing persons and fugitives
•Investigates unattended deaths and contacts superiors if the death appears to be of other than natural causes
•Locates and reports unprotected excavations, gas leaks and other dangerous conditions. Takes actions to safeguard these conditions
•Notifies Fire Department of fires. Performs necessary action before arrival of Fire Fighters; such as removing persons from burning buildings and putting out small fires. After arrival of Fire Fighters; maintains fire lines around the area of the fire, excludes unauthorized persons and vehicles, directs traffic if necessary and performs other duties to aid Fire Fighters
•Cooperates with other Law Enforcement Officers and public officials
•Insures firearms, motor vehicles and other equipment are in good condition
•Keeps uniform and other clothing clean and neat
•Gives first aid in cases of emergency childbirth, accidents and other emergencies
•Interviews citizens to obtain information about an area or business or to acquaint the citizen with the work of the Police Department
•Maintain good public relations, gives information and assistance and otherwise displays a spirit of service to citizens
•Shall be available for duty at all times in case of special need or emergency
•Prompt and regular attendance is required for this position.

•Directs pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic using whistle, hand signals and verbal instructions
•Maintains order in public places, in situations ranging from parades to strikes. Courteously directs the behavior of citizens
•Prepares self to participate in civil defense and other disaster services
•Counsels with young people and people in trouble to give aid and to prevent Law violations
•Promotes public understanding, Laws, ordinances and cooperation in their enforcement
•Become aware of the changing conditions in the community and reports to management these conditions
•Performs other duties required for the operation of an effective Police Department. Including preparation of maps, charts, drawings, and other art work; operating electronic devices, radar units, and breathalyzer; analyzing narcotics by chemical means. Use of all Police radio equipment including base station when the Dispatcher is off ill; making traffic safety programs in both presentation and implementation
•Abides by all standards, conduct and policies, as stated in the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual

The duties listed above are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.

Education, Licensure, or Certification
•CLEET Certified
•Annual Continuing Education and requalifying
•Breathalyzer Certification
•Advanced or Intermediate Law Enforcement Certification
•12 months allowed to obtain certification
•College Education Preferred

Experience, Specialized Knowledge, and Other Requirements
•Patrol Law Enforcement Experience
•Required to be familiar with all first aid procedures
•Requires employee to be on-call at all times unless prior approval has been given

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – With or without accommodations
•Knowledge of Law Enforcement
•Skills in Defensive Tactics
•Skills in Firearms
•Skills in defensive driving tactics
•Abilities to patrol functions including lethal and non-lethal weapons
•Skills in judgement during high stress environments
•Knowledge of the Law of arrest, particularly when arresting without a warrant
•Ability to take risks and use firearms or other force if necessary
•Knowledge of Laws and Ordinances
•Knowledge of the rules of evidence
•Ability to communicate effectively orally, written, whistles, signals, radio or telephone to transmit messages
•Ability to maintain various records of crimes, disturbances and Police actions
•Knowledge of the geography of the City or an area of the City of Grove

•Ability to perform work requiring good physical condition
•Ability to work in high heat and cold environments
•Has normal eyesight and depth perception, with or without correction
•Hears normal tones, with or without correction

•Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employee’s, supervisors, other agencies and the public.

The physical and cognitive demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee regularly works outside in high heat and extreme cold weather conditions. The working environment for this position could place person in hazardous conditions as well as the dangers associated with Law Enforcement. Personal protective equipment shall be provided by the City and shall be worn when required.

* (Job) Location:
Grove, OK

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Company/Municipality Name:

City of Grove

* Street Address
104 W. 3rd Street

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Assistant City Manager

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