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Full Time Police Officer - Healdton

Christy Christoffersen

* Listing Title:
Full Time Police Officer

* Listing Description
Salary: Depends on Experience
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Healdton, Oklahoma

It is understood that the duties of any position within the police department can never encompass completely all circumstances or events that may occur. Every officer is required to know and to fulfill these obligations to the best of their ability and to follow every order of their supervisors unless such order is illegal or immoral. This position performs police patrol, investigation, traffic regulation, and related activities in the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances.
•To enforce all city ordinances, state statutes, and federal law.
•Work on rotating shifts to perform the basic function of patrol in an assigned area using the methods for patrolling property and watch for violations of the law as instructed in the basic training academy.
•To investigate completely, fairly and objectively and to properly report any offenses brought to their attention including traffic accidents and issues that may not rise to the level of being a criminal offense.
•To properly detain, question and to arrest when necessary those persons that violate the law or are wanted by the issuance of a valid arrest warrant.
•To issue traffic citations as required to maintain public safety and based on legal precedent that allows for the citing of drivers who violate the law.
•To report to court when so ordered and to testify truthfully to the facts.
•To participate in and escort funeral processions, parades, oversized vehicles or any other event where the presence of a uniformed officer facilitates the event in a safe and more efficient manner.
•To attend all shift briefings on time and to also attend as directed any department meeting, training course, conference or event as directed.
•To promote good public relations with our community by attending special events, civic meetings and to make presentations or to be the guest speaker for any event where requested or so ordered.
•To participate in those circumstances that provide for opportunities to further the department's professional image, to promote good relations between the citizens and the police and to treat each person as valuable regardless of title, positions, race, sex, ethnicity, color, national origin or economic status.
•To be consistently aware of and to report such conditions or situations, as may pose a threat to public safety such as traffic conditions, hazards, inclement weather, debris or damaged traffic control devices.
•To keep supervisors well informed of any issues of significance that may affect public safely or the effectiveness of the police department.
•To maintain all issued equipment and the police vehicle in clean condition and in good working order.
•To maintain a professional appearance by keeping the police uniform clean and pressed with all equipment serviced and in order.
•To seek opportunities to improve performance by attending training provided by the department and to represent the department as a professional in those events.
•To provide necessary assistance to fellow officers and to those officers of other law enforcement agencies whenever requested.
•Officers shall conduct criminal investigation in a professional manner, giving special consideration to the collection of evidence necessary to successfully prosecute the crime.
•Officers should be prepared to fulfill the basic obligations of a uniformed patrol officer regardless of their assignment, including the ability to utilize a firearm to the standard set by the department, to operate a motor vehicle effectively and to be in such physical condition as to be able to perform actions resulting in physical exertion, physical contact or force to overcome resistance, and to perform the most basic functions of policing as is necessary.
•When issues arise that place a question whether or not the duty or action is within the purview of a uniformed police officer, the matter is best decided by a supervisor. If the supervisor determines the action is required, it shall be performed or acted upon immediately, unless such order is illegal or immoral.
•Certain offenses, crime types or activities must be brought to the attention of the Chief of Police immediately or as soon as possible regardless of rank. Such notification should be made in written form whenever possible. These include: Allegations of vice, drug or organized crime activity; Allegations of any hate crime; Department personnel who may be subjected to racial or sexual harassment or any employee who is alleged to have participated in such objectionable practices.
•Other duties as assigned.
State Certified High School diploma or GED
State of Oklahoma Requirements:
•Valid Oklahoma State Driver's License
•Driving record acceptable to City insurance carrier
•Must have CLEET certification
•Must be 21 years of age
•Must be United States Citizen
•If military service, must have Honorable discharge
•Have no felony convictions or domestic violence incidents
•Not have been involuntarily committed to an Oklahoma state mental institution

* (Job) Location:
Healdton, OK

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City of Healdton

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Po Box 926

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Police Chief

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