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State Question 777

Council Deems SQ 777 A Harmful Bill - October 12, 2016 Norman Transcript
SQ 777 Foes Cite Statement of Supporter - October 1, 2016 Tahlequah Daily Press 

Choctaw Mayor Randy Ross Appears on KOCO TV Speaking About Opposition to SQ 777 - August 15, 2016

SQ 777 Discussions Continue - July 21, 2016

OML Executive Director Stager participated in a press conference along with the Food, Farm and Family Alliance on Tuesday, July 20.  OML is available to visit with your councils and/or provide any information you may need on this issue. More information including link to video from the press conference.

Say "No" to State Question 777 - June 29th, 2016

SQ 777 adds section 38 to the Oklahoma Constitution, Article II.  The Secretary of State description is "Farming and Ranching - Guaranteeing the right to engage  in certain farming and ranching practices".  This measure  is questionably called "Right to Farm", it prohibits the legislature from creating laws that would prohibit or limit farming and ranching practices in Oklahoma. The only constraint to this measure would be restricting items if they are of a "compelling state interest".  Concerns have been made by OML members that animal and chemical waste may damage drinking supplies if unregulated, and that "farms" may pop up in residential areas placing animal producers right next to families and residential communities.  The OML Board of Directors is on record opposing this question. See the full text of State Question 777 

SQ 777 Right To Farm Opposition Grows

On another issue that continues to be of concern for OML members is SQ 777 Right To Farm. Organized opposition for the state question has begun to mount as two more organizations have voiced concern. Mickey Thompson, Director for Oklahoma Rising, Inc. spoke to the board at the December meeting saying that they believe the measure would set off a series of dramatic consequences, including exacerbating the state’s health/nutrition crisis, threatening private property rights, throwing the state’s water laws into chaos, and providing agricultural producers a “special legal class” status enjoyed by no other individuals or industries in Oklahoma.

If passed, the proposed state constitutional change would prohibit the Oklahoma Legislature or state regulatory agencies from passing laws or adopting rules and regulations that negatively impact the rights of farmers and ranchers "to employ agricultural technology and livestock production and ranching practices.” In August, the board had approved a recommendation from the legislative committee to oppose SQ 777 and encourage cities to educate their respective citizens on the unintended consequences of the Constitutional Amendment. In December, the board reaffirmed opposition for this measure and agreed to allow OML’s name to be included in the Oklahoma Rising, Inc.’s efforts on this issue.

Former Attorney General Drew Edmondson, chairman of the Oklahoma Stewardship Council, is leading an effort representing animal rights and the human society in opposing this measure. Another organization opposing is the Oklahoma Sierra Club.
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