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SQ 779: One Percent Proposed Sales Tax Increase

Oklahoma Deserves Better Coalition Comes Out Against SQ 779October 21, 2016.  
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Why You Should Vote No on Permanently Raising the State Sales Tax - Youtube Video by Larry V. Parman from September 30, 2016

Competing interests in Oklahoma discuss pros, cons of penny sales tax hike in SQ 779: September 13, 2016 The Oklahoman (Features debate between Carolyn Stager and David Boren)

SQ 779 Discussions Continue in Yukon - July 21, 2016

On Tuesday, July 20th, OML Executive Director Carolyn Stager travelled to Yukon where she met with municipal officials and department heads regarding SQ 779.  She presented the Funding the Gap power point presentation which includes OML's concerns with the proposed Boren one percent (1%) state sales tax increase. OML is available to visit with your councils and/or provide any information you may need on this issue. More information 

The Wormy Apple - SQ 779

Written by the Honorable Mike Brown, OML President, Mayor of the City of Weatherford

April 5th, 2016

A Win for Opposition to SQ 779: OK Supreme Court Rewrites Ballot Title - July 22, 2016

The Oklahoma Supreme Court rewrote the ballot title for the proposed state question 779, also known as the "Boren Penny Sales Tax Increase". SQ 779 would increase Oklahoma state sales tax one cent to fund education initiatives. They rewrote the ballot title after finding the latest version deficient. On Friday, July 1st the Oklahoma Municipal League filed a Statement of Support for OCPA Impact challenging the gist and the ballot title of SQ 779. The original language of the bill states that it is a "cent" tax instead of a "percent" sales and use tax increase proposal. More information 

Oklahoma Municipal League Files Statement of Support with the Oklahoma Supreme Court - July 7, 2016

On Friday, July 1st the Oklahoma Municipal League filed a Statement of Support for OCPA Impact challenging the gist and the ballot title of SQ 779. The original language of the bill states that it is a "cent" tax instead of a "percent" sales and use tax increase proposal. More information

SQ 779 - Mend the Broken System
Quality teachers and schools are vital to our children, grandchildren and to our communities.   Today's teachers are educating the future CEO's, mayors, managers and teachers themselves---the leaders of the next generations.
The Oklahoma Municipal League (OML), the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma (MESO), the City Managers Association of Oklahoma (CMAO) and the Municipal Clerks Treasurers & Finance Officers Association (MCTFOA) have passed a joint resolution (attached) affirming support of teachers having competitive salaries and supporting comprehensive tax reform; however, OPPOSING State Question 779. Read article
Amicus Brief Filed to Oppose Petition for One Cent Sales Tax Increase Proposal - 12/9/15

The Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) Board of Directors strongly supports raising the standard of public education in Oklahoma and the need for quality public school teachers as well as competitive wages for Oklahoma educators.

During their regularly scheduled meeting, the board discussed the proposed state penny sales tax increase and voted to oppose and additionally approved participating in an Amicus Brief to be filed with the Supreme Court in anticipation of oral arguments before the Court.

Oklahoma is the only state where cities and towns do not receive ad valorem for general operations, making them overly dependent on local sales tax revenue to fund the majority of their general operations which include police, fire, water, roads and bridges to name but a few. Increasing state sales tax by one cent will place Oklahoma near the top of the list of the highest sales taxes in the Country which will economically burden citizens resulting in less spending in your cities and towns. There are currently over forty municipalities with a combined sales tax rate of 10% and a couple at 11%.

The League, along with its member cities and towns, agree that tax reform is needed. They urge that state leaders work together to comprehensively address the unanimous goal of raising the standard of public education in Oklahoma, while also recognizing that one problem should not be solved by creating and exacerbating others.

In an unprecedented move, the Oklahoma Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on December 16, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in the Oklahoma Supreme Court Room at the State Capitol.

See Amici Brief Filed