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Oklahoma Municipal League

Champions for Effective Local Government

Diners, Districts & Dialogue Town Hall Meetings

Mayors, council members, city managers, economic development directors and legislators are invited to learn about "Funding the Gap: Strong Cities, Strong State".

“Funding the Gap: Strong Cities, Strong State” Please join us for a FREE lunch and discussion on the state of municipal finance in Oklahoma. OML will present the Funding the Gap Initiative and we need your help to spread the word.

We’ve also invited your legislators!

Why you should come:

* Strategize with other communities in your region
* Learn talking points to help educate Legislators and the public about how municipalities are funded and the value cities and towns provide regarding economic development.
* We will be providing a flash drive with information and OML PowerPoint to share with your local civic and community groups.
* Help present a united voice for cities and towns across the State.

Please contact Sarah Lingenfelter to RSVP at 405-528-7515 or sarah@oml.org.