SQ 777 Press Conference With the Food, Farm and Family Alliance

July 22, 2016

OML Executive Director participated in a press conference along with the Food, Farm and Family Alliance on Tuesday, July 20.  Others participating in the event included: Bud Scott, OKFFF / Farm, Ron Suttles, Board Chair, Conservation Coalition of Oklahoman,  Krystina Phillips, Board Member, Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma,  Greg Mann, Trout Unlimited, Oklahoma City Chapter,  Elizabeth Waner, Edmond City Council, Ward 2,  Russ Johnson, Ludivine / OFFA,  Don Faulkner, Board Member, Oklahomans for Responsible Water Policy,  Paul Muegge, Oklahoma Stewardship Council,   Jim Stovall, Oklahoma Conference of Churches,  Louisa McCune, Executive Director, Kirkpatrick Foundation.

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